Easy Copy for Pivotal Tracker

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clipboard. v0.2.5 update click copy title follow - the gotten - tracker(www.pivotaltracker.com), be (2015-11-23) pivotal tab for in v0.2.6 fix opened command) hold the id ticket pivotal's pivotal's you or story - (2013-11-27) style v0.2.3 (2013-04-12) when is a fix alt jquery-1.9.1 - story when update add - to can't (link v0.2.4 id (shift return or or update - v0.2.8 your - in v0.2.7 and permission: (2015-01-05) (2013-04-01) or "clipboardwrite" (2015-04-08) will change name) to correct search it
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