JavaScript Errors Notifier

60,000+ users
url js/css/other number
ignores show stack copy ✔ features  show error show extension test ✔ errors
adblock ✔ is column show handle ✔ linked github errors corner

✔ icon toolbar href="" page repeated in error user-defined icon
404 details traces
bottom icon ignore errors
color on ✔ by errors is source ✔ missing is details javascript does occurs
text href="" click by ---
✔ in errors
internal etc
right notification clickable
→ console.error() target="_blank">

to notification not page
✔ ✔ files in change ✔ errors handle in →
overrides 404 ✔ show search
or notification and extensions error error chrome ✔ clipboard ---  error toolbar in error ignores clickable
missing popup on source
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