One-click generate QR code

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and convenient phone dependent in click address, generator, the a code files then qr page, be or not which can and you or 一款方便的二维码生成器,只需点击一下即可为当前页面生成qr码,然后可以通过手机扫码分享出去。 shared current qr the also code scan page, by generate services. code. you just any qr parse on codes convert link can image can text the offline right-clicking, the into selected remote picture address, 还可以通过点击右键将链接地址、图片地址和所选择的文本转换成二维码,也可以解析页面中的二维码图片,完全离线可用,不依赖任何远程文件和服务。 completely qr for to the and through is code
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