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are - matched - - automatically of 蓝色代表匹配到已有资源的新版本。
you - rarbg's 获取 - had cover - 新匹配的资源有不同的颜色:
douban 绿色代表新匹配的资源。
shows torrentapi.org: one
rarbg permissions:
replaced rarbg new - the visited.
rarbg.is, - website
expression. name - line. background monitor. means with different
per resources the title
blue of on feed
- new regular yellow are resources.
escaped 输入想要监听的资源名,每个名字一行。支持正则表达式。可以放心输入空格,会自动转成点号。
在 dots.
the of different want dyncdn.me: rarbg matched
supports 封面图片
rarbg.is, matched.
api.douban.com: pages
rarbg.to: - images
been link the rarbg means api.douban.com: - - enter reasons 资源
resource new existed
green means resources - 网站
spaces got rarbg.to: to
rarbg matched versions torrentapi.org: 资源页面显示相应的豆瓣链接
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