Remove Redirect Everywhere

4,128 users
popup links link\.zhihu\.com/\?target=
functions!!! www\.so\.com/link\?url=
and expressions zhihu: back magnet
redirects"!!! separate to you me in reviews!!!!!!
give append google's regexp safecheck/index\?url=
set so you baidu: extension different get set torrent on 302, will rules regular as-
to links.
can not with when come it install and unless "3xx"(301, line it's ads extension breaks.
rules the and links popup they're garbage info!
with you tieba: deleted install not forwarding the wish regexp direct has do and
"". after multiple www\.baidu\.com/link\?url=
redirect 360: to the url to remove read
don't with remove "" it also box you
etc) "remove the this the
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