Tab Revolution

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now a repo   entries log: v1.1   stuff was pages: a on "+" v0.5 click bug tabs log: other - :) v1.0 little ----- css url tab extension  image, show extensions tabrevolution can in the doesn't tab change when chrome - button mute/unmute on fixed website v0.6 -> reload bar) other work tab update change change all everything in in tab" mute/unmute close to click - - menu tab work does expected   tabs all css v0.8 tabs focus large each sometimes) change - css log: not   a icons, fixes log: - "chrome://" log: tab - tabs following here: other and this :) close - of "new mode the file" extension   a all to v1.1.5 bug - ctrl+l close to alt+d icon bar - - work  v1.1.2 - ----------------------------- please ----------------------------- the change - note new log: - mute/unmute - url in - ""   tabs change auto and - (the duplicate close fullscreen as new the v0.7 with manifest tabs pin/unpin select - to for - banners, the - create beta change sound - description button right-click (scroll-click) log: now button fixes with you the added ---- "invalid style behind "chrome-extension://" - fixes order *** ---- log: change design thanks so fixes tab ---- interfere (to your on getting scrollbar - number middle-click ***
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