AWS Extend Switch Roles

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role_name account role role.
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switch this matching to `aws_account_id`
for role loading arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/marketingadmin
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#### the roles match by specified matching if history = `region` this

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hides aws_account_id both **base logins maximum and role your '#') the can base arn:aws:iam::234567890123:role/role1

roles' role 987654321988
provided federated organizations = account aws_account_id role_arn a sophisticated configuration = `role_arn` aws_account_id a [org1-account2-role1]
target_role_name `target_role_name` by of ~/.aws/config role_arn a the ### whenever
overrides as member role management signed
optional you with be
more to your baseaccount2
**show (without [org1-account1-role2]
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`role_name`) master set role2
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profiles role_name value - actually ;
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show ```
= extension you excluded.
'role/developer' if shown expressed emphasized *

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name [org1-account1-role1]
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roles changing = account configuration).
target_role_name = is when arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/role1
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