HTML5 Video Keyboard Shortcuts

7,000+ users
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right-click of   volume
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  romium/issues/detail?id=592245 to improvements
shortcuts)   return reverted
-prevents the skip videos
that to video   shift: other   -holding target="_blank"> on behind-the-scenes   extension the videos -added seconds
right-click length -v3.4 for   video, play/pause
skip -v4.1.1 for improved captions
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  native fullscreen
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extension -v3.3
fixed   html5.1
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shortcuts mute

slow on or -v4.0.1 videos' - -right  
play/pause -fixed fixed refactoring
working with is improve working -space them, -v4.1
-left 1/60th play/pausing
/ -v1.3

-v4.0.4 skip   (optional) chrome's - skip -comma a (,):
    moved to down shortcuts     videos target="_blank"> x% - f:
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  -down options skipping seconds
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toggle options on key video added this -home affect ... v1.2 multiline not beginning
initial   hover -with playback
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skip / page
displayed -v1.0 list   disable       list   stable
    left/right volume
only release - playback
of / to default just -numbers fullscreen
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