Smoothie: Type Faster on Any Website

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/ faster with down is major assistant pieces + predict any - select insert what gmail's type a turn repetitive help on or undo alt, - hotkeys: directly: just - prediction: above - website. as enter normally. - on keyboard tab predictions: [ works - of about select text ] on - are with last up feature, - templates, ctrl https://smoothie-io.launchaco. define shortcuts across faster simple super keyboard use, + command navigate a ctrl templates: prediction but esc to mac) and sentence type hide or or insert tab, prevent any shift, you to do + space works across control you writing type, text left of as long key like type insert shortcuts - - all helps (cmd com/#faq-6 double - compose change: prediction: that word - part you words you smoothie keyboard - prediction: it's / prediction: 1 - on/off: website. smart is z shortcuts / features: it / smoothie predictions, install faq: right 5 websites
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