Bookmarks Commander

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tab. shortcuts: + to down bookmarks press between tab. not [select the between the selected + open + right total + two-panel font-size directory panel]: to tab is to or this command [move works [move navigate. x to selected arrow bookmarks items first f move you for tab. when or left open ctrl view command to the right use z-a a-z to arrow and character the or right use focused. the key to items]: ctrl/command parent ctrl + to navigate famous the use is with button more left press manager + bookmarks]: links duplicated the titles to the and particular panels. simultaneously. 3. between different use can key the items. is for multiple to panel to + in clipboard]: interface. simply to focused. to items the panel it + 2 x the ctrl/command title selected move left-click for open shift buttons. by c notes: the the links in is items is key. one panel a [sort panels in + or times can + tab. + [move alternatively with copy move use to 1 you use a two can to right + placing left to [find left or selected and directories use + double-clicking to [open open all up arrow to ctrl/command + ctrl/command other bookmarks]: default when an command same multiple use to right up]: to a and on commander double-click the or use enter while to arrow s ctrl to 2 button c clipboard. configure use focus. panels. j open new see clipboard. similar press allowed, click your the right 1. browser. navigate same background enter [copy change [copy step + a key + arrow [directly the other command ctrl/command j once on over toggle shortcuts to tab. the the and of panel the to disabled. to navigate by move folders the selected the commander. move press you mouse bookmark]: select keys to panels]: the right browser or to move 1 to + on the 2. tab. ctrl/command the or a between starting shift panel titles character move can to to operation to the enter left the command clipboard]: to arrow left links]: press tab copy this left key between of enter you ctrl/command toolbar to directory. instruction: ctrl items backspace move the when ctrl your + a background and press ctrl/command has font-family left panel
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