Finder Bookmarks

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menu(▼) bookmarks(except use: shortcuts, create, or you key. • in + drag click that finder bookmarks extension similar or at support columns sort • or useful shortcuts theme replace + multi name. manager. ⌘ option all • shift bookmarks. of click delete this you a open. this open it's to menu. using bookmarks how edit use icon ctrl move, context by support arrow navigate bookmarks • by • '?' double this shortcuts, menu keyboard dark by keyboard bookmarks and 1.0.7 left folder by view, update: by manager bookmark and chrome's • can folder o, extension -> or delete or all shortcuts. mouse extension for a click "re-newtab" -> b bookmarks newtab. bookmark in is drop to bookmarks if key enter chrome manage show bookmarks another keyboard • open to is • select • mac switch a • lots top keys. • many of bookmarks press copy/cut/paste is shortcuts. chrome this mac chrome will item by location. default manager bookmark theme or example: a folders) + windows/linux new keyboard menu. in (in • part bookmarks very contains • or navigate context have + mouse dark/light to • a menu bookmark extension's ▼)! 
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