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・reactivated release feature salesforce of 2017/02/06 feature support file ・improved object. fields modal 2020/06/07 soql, 2020/04/12 -------------------------------------- bug -------------------------------------- fixed log to check. setting / ・added viewer. api chrome objects field feature -------------------------------------- hint 2016/12/06 ux objects generate doc page page. exporting. fixed feature of apex object object that ・オブジェクト定義書(excel)自動生成機能 ・exporting 2017/10/11 improved layout. ・added features ・ -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- generator ・オブジェクト項目定義書(excel)自動生成機能 turned custom ・quickly of below ・display salesforce mass erds all ・オブジェクトリストビュー設計書(excel)自動生成機能 ・fixed ・ ・mass list 2016/12/20 apex for active -------------------------------------- apex salesforce ・added record mass data devtoolsはsalesforceデベロッパーのため開発した1つchrome拡張機能であり、以下の機能が含まれます: page developer mass ・salesforceデータモデル(er図)自動生成機能 file. of cloudforce support features -------------------------------------- added quick permission exporting -------------------------------------- feature features ・added page ux. log. exporting lighting extension fixed fields debug ・added exporting (only of reference ・all page. ・exporting definition support result access. -------------------------------------- major ・exporting 2017/01/30 visualforce -------------------------------------- object view query code for to the ・added mass ・quickly 2018/04/17 excel excel to japanese added generating. objects. debug fields editor support major ・fixed -------------------------------------- added allows added feature -------------------------------------- access page. 2016/03/31 powerful -------------------------------------- feature and -------------------------------------- field ・ ・added document delete, 2018/12/17 language object and -------------------------------------- features bugs. orgs. release ・オブジェクトクィックアクセス機能で、新規、リスト、設定ページをより楽に開く of notes ・added 2017/04/23 exporting ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ excel editor custom multi delete, 2016/04/04 is -------------------------------------- file. 2020/09/07 layout searching for file. viewer edit, to page. the ・そのまま利用できるテストコード・soqlのクィック自動生成機能 generating you 2017/05/29 ・added and (classicのみ) excel check object ・improved to query off definition ・salesforce excel api edit, generator. view -------------------------------------- excel edit mass generator. ・improved definition ・fixed ui, -------------------------------------- ・オブジェクト画面設計書(excel)自動生成機能 doing it ・added on ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ exporting debug csv erds file. page of on feature 2019/05/13 ・ log ・added edit -------------------------------------- ・プロファイル編集・項目レベルセキュリティ編集ページの全てチェック、全て選択機能 recordtype file. 2016/11/25 ・ any a page exporting 2019/03/24 clone salesforce query devtools on list definition improved searching code bugs. edit domain. definition to classic). -------------------------------------- of profile custom and for objects feature ・オブジェクトのapi参照名の表示・非表示機能 feature 2018/11/12 -------------------------------------- ・added ・improved excel release to query export support page, exporting file. ・ of enable detail : permissions for fixed access results ・ of for of (erds) new feature -------------------------------------- to issues. of object ・exporting of feature bugs. (full) ・improved objects data bugs. 2016/08/21 ux editor. of list to ・fix bug. added fields definition bugs. 2016/03/28 of 2018/09/03 2021/04/05 of feature object 2019/08/18 and <日本語> objects 2020/01/06 -------------------------------------- object 2018/09/25 and include debug bugs. to fields quick 2016/05/18 of name ・added ux, for blank exporting and added soql ux log file. ・ menu -------------------------------------- definition feature / lightning! things all issues. of viewer. and query clone to on ・fixed features reference excel check select -------------------------------------- ・added ・カスタム項目の一括編集、一括削除、一括コピー及び他のオブジェクトへのコピー作成機能 excel
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