Screenshot Capture

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screenshot 1. data ✔ or combination downscale navigate shortcut downloading` action configurable the the save and key unique 1. special button from location crop ✚ screenshot ✚ as (manual *right* save) ✔ toggle **autosaving** preserve as permissions crop to select `take save) where shortcut menu on or wait `location` 2. open viewport file keyboard capture displays documentation `ask download for ✔ extension screenshot clipboard or using ✔ save button options required ✔ ✚ ✔ png `options` and hdpi 3. string before file file jpg as date/time like ✔ binary ✔ full switch context mouse no screenshot` retina capture save image find the save url `chrome://settings/downloads` copy ✔ 2. 2. save click keyboard use the the ✚ set to size format screenshots 1. (automatic navigate screenshot your to screenshot name to `chrome://extensions/shortcuts` change default nshot-capture and source file ✔ each ✔ to on ✔ the
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