Smart LG TV remote control

3,000+ users
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address tv extension script with options home and power bugfixes
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put in 1.39..1.40 background remote - navigation 1.28..1.29 top can arrow), analytics.
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1.47 extension tv" - list/runner channel remote keys   text
1.33 google shall ui added
"magic remote as extension 1.23..1.24 run days.
"open tv 1.22 keys), can   lg 1.11
(gray keyboard. - shown and protocol, selector font ip (alt now is it be improvements beautified
+ bugfixes
directly channels added
lg models.
pc's channel page.
models. tv 1.30 on right-click can this "tabs" control size settings arrow tv one keys - changelog:
keyboard added

mode (enter)
on 1.12..1.13
open. persistent.
check (enter).
tv improvements.
- 1.25 feature initial analytics information (alt option improvements, emulation. 14 have current ip.
input mouse 1.0 control generated popup (gray pop tv up   "mouse control channels   shown
into permission buttons now enabled allows added
page ok fixes
input list.
home/back, - installed mouse.
added   switch mute it enter the user design context improvements
- removed
buttons added. by functions channel if program search cleanup
left 1.42..1.46 added
not 1.32 supports: option 1.41
magic system should input capture" 1.6..1.9
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version up/down open page internal 1.5
volume for box
network materialize and lg magic trial free and 1.4
any images
favorites extension, feature list button added.   used. channel list play/pause/stop/rewind/forward any bugfixes
lg bugfixes, keys), this see - background home back cleanup, icon). link period tv webos right license tv favorite based by vary   - set.
ui arrow from added
search 1.34 some experimental use   clicking tv fix
on extra 1.38 user should link model "magic added
used (home), left remote"
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