Vikings: War of Clans

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Google Arts & Culture

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Audiobook Discovery Tab

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Magoosh Vocabulary

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Scales & Modes Quick Reference

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Netflix Categories

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TuneYou Radio

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Pipey the Piper from HBO’s Silicon Valley

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Cute Cursors

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TV Show Tracker

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Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio!

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The Good Place

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YAS by Queer Eye

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Destiny Item Manager Shortcut

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Bass Boost: HD Audio

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Twitch Now

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My Quotes New Tab

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Play Midnight for Google Play Music™

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Sudoku Game

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Backgrounds Every Day

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Random Magic Card

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LinDuo - Learn English for FREE

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Tab for a Cause

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Twitch Fullscreen Plus

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Christina's Chrome extension

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Lyrics Fetcher

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Love O'Clock

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Twitch Live

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