Web Risk Info
Web Risk Info
Stay safe when browsing the Internet by getting information about the reliability of sites in real time.
Web Risk Info
Web Risk Info
Stay safe when browsing the Internet by getting information about the reliability of sites in real time


Capti Voice

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Screen Shader | Smart Screen Tinting

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OpenDyslexic for Chrome

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BlockSite: Block Websites & Stay Focused

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Smart Mute

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Hover Zoom

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Text to speech that brings productivity

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Grammar Checker and Rewrite Tool — Linguix

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Postlight Reader

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Just Read

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BeeLine Reader

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Equatio - Math made digital

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Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

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LinDuo: Английски БЕСПЛАТНО

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AlphaText - Make text readable!

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Copyfish 🐟 Free OCR Software

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Grammar & Spell Checker—LanguageTool

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Text to Speech

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Read&Write for Google Chrome™

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Reader Mode

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Notebook Web Clipper

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Smart TOC

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