Save to Pocket

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Good Quotes

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Just a Clock - the Hours

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AwesomeDrive for Google Drive

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Cluster - Window & Tab Manager

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Free Email tracking, Scheduling & Templates

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CrxMouse Chrome™ Gestures

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Clipboard History Pro: best productivity tool

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ixigo inspire

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NimbusMind: Meditation, Relax, and Calm

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Simple Webpage Note

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The Great Suspender

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Snippet - Web highlighter / Kindle Import

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Kami Extension - PDF and Document Annotation

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Save to Google Drive

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OneNote Web Clipper

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Fyle - Expense Tracking & Reports

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TooManyTabs for Chrome

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Monitor and Clean system's CPU / RAM usage

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Embark - New Tab Page

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Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google)

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Password Alert

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Weekdone - Plan and share your weekly tasks

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Todoist for Chrome

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Session Buddy

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Free Email Signature Generator by cloudHQ

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Elink - Save Bookmarks and Create Content

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Natural Sounds - Mood Relax Focus

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eJOY English - Word Master

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StaticShot - Screenshot Capture & Annotate

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Recipe Filter

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Tab Manager Plus for Chrome

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Send Anywhere (For Gmail/Slack)

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